Lightcast Data Partnership

The meaning of “success” is highly personal and grounded in how well you understand your interests and desires. BigFuture is dedicated to providing free resources for everyone to explore their options after high school, and find their own path to success.

When we set out to design Career Search, a tool thoughtful enough to guide all types of people toward their ideal career, we knew we needed a data partner who could deliver on that vision. Lightcast has one of the world’s largest real-time, proprietary databases of job openings and career histories, with data collected from more than 40,000 sources daily and in more than 30 countries.

Finding the right opportunities—ones that align with your academic and career goals—can be challenging. Using Lightcast data, we’re able to create career exploration tools that reflect the many options that people have.

Fundamentals of Lightcast Data

Lightcast gathers and integrates economic, labor market, demographic, education, profile, and job posting data from dozens of government and private-sector sources, creating a comprehensive and current dataset that includes both published data and detailed estimates with full United States coverage.

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