BigFuture Visits Central Park East High School in NY

April 19, 2022

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From left to right: Carrie Roth (College Board), Bennett Lieberman (Principal), Richard Green (College Board), Marie McGrew (College Board), Greg Rafal (College Board), Kelly Cooper (Assistant Principal)


In early April, the BigFuture team visited Central Park East High School (CPEHS) in New York City to listen and learn. The team heard firsthand from the principal, staff, and students about what it’s like to plan for life after high school right now.

Here at BigFuture, we speak regularly and directly with students and the adults who care about them. Informed by educators like you, BigFuture is changing in new and exciting ways to deliver better resources to help your school’s students plan for college, pay for college, and explore careers.

During the visit to CPEHS, the BigFuture team heard from students and staff about what the college planning process has been like during covid , how students choose majors and careers, and the different tools students and staff use to plan for life after high school. Students told us they depend on tools like BigFuture to stay organized during the process as much as they need help finding a college right for them.

Opportunities to speak directly with caring adults and students help us build better resources to help students. For example, we heard from an educator that “adding a scale for ACT/SAT and GPA would allow students to easily find colleges that they're a good fit for.” As a result of this feedback, students are now able to filter college search results by GPA, and ACT® and SAT scores of currently enrolled students. Another educator provided this feedback, “allow students to provide their interests and understand what careers/majors might be a good fit.”

We’re listening and want to hear from you. BigFuture continually evolves to deliver actionable, relevant career and college planning content, informed by what we hear from students and caring adults. Send your feedback, ideas, and questions to [email protected].