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Colleges and scholarship programs are looking for students like you. Get noticed by joining Student Search Service.

Four-Year Colleges

Most colleges in the U.S. rely on Student Search to find the right students for their campuses. 

More Offers of College Admission

Students who are contacted by colleges through Student Search receive, on average, 29% more offers of college admission.

Scholarship Dollars

Scholarship partners and colleges use the data in Student Search to help find candidates for their scholarships.

How Student Search Service Works for You

One click can help you learn about colleges across the country without ever leaving home.

Opt in to hear directly from colleges and scholarships

After joining Student Search Service™, check your email and mailbox regularly for updates about degree programs, campus life, financial aid, or invitations to apply for scholarships. 

Share your interests to find your college match

Keeping your information and college list up to date helps colleges and scholarship programs send you more relevant communications so you can find the school that’s right for you.

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For Parents: Why join Student Search Service

Helping your teen find their fit is what Student Search Service is all about. Learn how this free service connects students with over $300 million in scholarships and over 1,500 four-year colleges in the U.S.

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Your Data Matters

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We never share information about your disability status, self-reported parental income, social security number, or phone number. Visit the College Board Privacy Center for more information.

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No Commercial Advertising

Only approved nonprofit accredited colleges and universities, nonprofit scholarship providers, and government agencies administering educational programs can participate

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No Commitment

You can opt out at any time.


What Information Is Shared

When you join Student Search Service, you agree to share the following information with participating organizations. Nonprofit accredited colleges and universities, nonprofit scholarship providers, and government agencies administering educational programs may pay for Student Search Service, but this service can be accessed at no cost to you. These organizations rely on this information to discover students who may be a good fit for their programs. You can update your information using the links below.

College Board Account Information

General information you provided when creating your account, along with your score range on any College Board exams you’ve taken.

BigFuture College List

Colleges that you’ve added to your college list. This data helps those colleges see your demonstrated interest.

More About You

Information you’ve provided about your high school performance and activities, along with your college preferences.

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