Don’t Miss College and Scholarship Opportunities for Your Teen

Student Search Service

Parents, has your teen joined Student Search Service™ and added your contact information to their account? If so, look out for an email with a link to opt in to parent outreach. 

Why Join?

  • Receive parent-focused outreach from colleges recruiting your teen.
  • Be a part of your teen’s college and scholarship search.
  • Unlock opportunities from over 1,500 4-year colleges and scholarship programs offering $300 million in scholarships each year.
  • Rest assured—only nonprofit accredited colleges and universities, nonprofit scholarship providers, and government agencies administering educational programs can reach out to students and parents through Student Search Service.

How Does It Work?

When to Join?

You and your teen can join anytime during your teen’s high school career. We recommend staying in the program until your teen makes their college decision and finds the scholarships and financial aid they need.

What if I Change My Mind?

Participation in Student Search Service is always free and voluntary, and you can opt out at any time.

For more information about our privacy practices, see our privacy policy.