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On behalf of RESILIENCE, College Board’s affinity group dedicated to helping promote cultural diversity awareness within the College Board to enhance the standing of Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian staff and students, we want to encourage you to pursue opportunities in postsecondary education and challenge you to own your future.

Make a Difference in your own life and in the lives of other Native people.

Native Americans have the lowest college degree completion rate than any other racial or ethnic group. Only 14% of American Indians and Alaska Natives ages 25 and older have a college degree, which is less than half of other groups in the United States.


College Planning Resources

Explore resources written with your future in mind.

College Planning Tips for Native Students by Native Students

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Explore Your College Dreams

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Search for Native Student Resources

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Tips for Paying for College

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Explore Indigenous Serving Institutions

If you’re interested in attending an institution that’s located near a reservation or controlled by a tribe, you can explore Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) on BigFuture. Most TCUs are located near Native communities, which allows them to offer degree programs within a Native learning environment full of culture and tradition.

"Northeastern State University (NSU) had a lot of characteristics that interested me when I was deciding on which university to attend. It was located in Tahlequah, Okla., which is approximately 25 miles away from my parents’ home so I was able to still live at home and complete my degree without having to worry about paying for an apartment or rental property while paying for college. More importantly, NSU is rooted in Cherokee history and their Center for Tribal Studies does a lot for their Native students. They have multiple opportunities for Native American scholarships and linking students with possible employers in Native communities."

 - Makenley (Cherokee), Northeastern State University (Cherokee Territory

Search for College Prep Programs

College prep programs specifically designed for Native and Indigenous students are a great way to learn about the college experience and get personalized support. Here are some options to start your search.

College Horizons

A five-day summer program for Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian high school sophomores and juniors, with individualized programs to help students find their best fit college.

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Kamehameha Scholars

This year-round program helps Native Hawaiian students earn a postsecondary degree and find a career. Students in grades 9–12 participate in workshops and activities, earning points that translate to dollars and lead to a merit scholarship to help pay for college.

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Scholarships for Native and Indigenous Students

Explore scholarship opportunities for Native and Indigenous students from our scholarship partners and search for more using BigFuture scholarship search!

Native Forward

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Cobell Scholarship

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American Indian Science and Engineering Society

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Find more scholarships using Scholarship Search

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Native Way Forward

In this Road Trip Nation documentary, follow three rising Native leaders as they explore how building careers around the values of community and kinship can lead us all to brighter future. Sponsored in part by College Board.

Separate cohorts of Native college students who were serving as summer interns at the College Board felt that it was important to share the knowledge that they acquired in their own college journeys with high school students just like you. They put the lessons they learned into this guide in hopes that their experiences can help guide current students as they navigate their way to college.


Thank You

Thank you to all those who provided their photos, testimonials, and support to complete this resource for Indigenous students.

Photo Models

Tori Paz, Comanche; University of Oklahoma | Sierra Edwards, Anishinaabe; Stanford University | Christian Fowler, Navajo; Colorado College


Tamah Minnis | Kenaba Hatathlie | Holly Patterson

College Board Native American Outreach Program Interns


Monty Begaye, Navajo; University of Arizona | Rachel Ensing, Haliwa-Saponi; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of Miami | Christian Gould, Navajo; Columbia University | Jackson Wiedner, Muscogee; Dartmouth College


Kendall Harvey, Navajo; Columbia University | Kourtney Kawano, Native Hawaiian; Dartmouth College | Monica Sekaquaptewa, Navajo and Hopi; Columbia University | Megan Tom, Navajo; Arizona State University


Megan Tom, Navajo; Arizona State University | Lane Yazzie, Navajo; San Diego State University | Ashley Anderson, Cherokee; Harvard University | Amy Small, Navajo; Columbia University | Holly Patterson, Navajo; Dartmouth College


Holly Patterson, Navajo; Dartmouth College | Evan Barton, Cherokee; Dartmouth College | Kenaba Hatathlie, Navajo; Stanford University |James Wagnon, Cherokee; University of Oklahoma | Tamah Minnis, Meskwaki and Sac and Fox; University of Oklahoma