Search for Native Student Resources

Well-Being Community

You may need support as you transition from high school to college. Fortunately, many colleges have services and programs specifically for Native students.

Some examples include:

Centers for Native students

Colleges like Northern Arizona University, Fort Lewis College, and Purdue University have centers that work to maintain a supportive network for Indigenous students. Some colleges, including Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and Stanford University, also host powwows for Native students and those who want to learn about Native American culture.

Native-centered housing

There are residential programs that allow Native students to live together in a close-knit network that supports Native culture and history. Some colleges that offer this option: the University of California, Berkeley; Washington State University; and Colorado College.

Native fraternity or sorority

There are Greek organizations focused on Native culture. Alpha Pi Omega Sorority is the oldest historically Native American sorority and has 20 chapters across the country. Phi Sigma Nu is a Native American fraternity that has 13 chapters, with almost 400 brothers representing more than 55 tribal nations.

Native majors or courses

Some institutions offer coursework, minors, or majors focused on Native, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, Native American, and Indigenous studies. Examples include American Indian studies at Arizona State University and American Indian Studies at University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Native student organizations

These organizations often provide student-led community support, advocacy, and cultural programming to campuses to promote Native heritage. Membership in all organizations and clubs is usually open to all interested students.

Recruitment programs

Many institutions, including the University of Arizona and the University of Miami, offer programs such as Native SOAR and Upward Bound specifically to recruit Native students.

“I created my college list based on schools that had a chapter of the Alpha Pi Omega sorority, the first Native American sorority in the U.S. I realized that it was a group I really wanted to be a part of and that if that school had a chapter, then there were definitely strong leadership opportunities for Native students like me.”

–Rachel (Haliwa-Saponi), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of Miami (Catawba & Seminole Territory)

Questions to ask colleges about Native-specific services:

  • Can you connect me with Native students who can share their experiences?
  • What programs are available to help Native students transition to campus life and thrive there?
  • Are there housing options for Native students to live together?
  • Are there any Indigenous studies classes I can take or Native studies majors I can pursue?