Discover these eight time-management tips for high school students.

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Eight Ways to Take Control of Your Time

1. Make a to-do list every day

Put the most important tasks at the top, even if they're things you dread, and tackle them first. Don’t forget to list things you want to do so you have items to look forward to. Try motivating yourself with a reward if you complete everything on your list.

2. Keep your work with you

This way, you can get something done if you have extra time, such as while you're on the bus or waiting for an appointment.

3. Don't be afraid to say no

It's OK to say “no” if a friend asks you to go to a movie one night, but you have a test the next morning. Instead, find a time that works for both of you to see the movie.

4. Find your productive time

Are you a morning person or a night person? You'll be more efficient if you work when you're at your best.

5. Create a dedicated study time

One of the most important time management tips for high school students is to set up a time devoted only to studying or homework. Shut off your phone. Respond to calls or texts only when your work is finished. Texting or engaging online during this time is distracting.

6. Budget your time

Figure out how much time you usually spend on your activities. Then create a weekly schedule to follow. Determine how much free time you have before you add any commitments. And remember to schedule time to relax.

7. Don't get sidetracked

If you find that you're wasting time on unimportant things, you need to stop, check your to-do list, and get back to what's at the top. You may be procrastinating because you need to figure out how to move forward on a school project. If that's the problem, check with your teacher to clear things up so you can get moving.

8. Get a good night's sleep

Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. If it's time to sleep, put the things you still need to accomplish on the next day's to-do list, and go to bed.

What now?

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Can I learn how to manage my time as a student?

Yes. You can follow many different strategies for time management. If you want to manage time effectively as a student, plan ahead, prioritize tasks, and avoid procrastination. Eliminating distractions and taking regular breaks are also beneficial. These habits will help you achieve academic success.

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What are some consequences of poor time management for high school students?

Poor time management can have many consequences for high school students. Not following time management strategies in high school can negatively affect your academic performance, mental health, productivity, and physical health.

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How can I balance academic work and extracurricular activities?

As you already know, time management for high schoolers is essential. When you add extracurricular activities, you may have to change your schedule. You may need to reduce the time you’ve blocked out for social activities and relaxing to accommodate your new activity.

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