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Tue, Jun 6, 2023

7 - 7:45 PM ET

Fast-Growing Jobs and the Skills You Need

It’s never too early to start thinking about launching your career. Connect with early career professionals to learn about some of the fastest growing jobs that could be in your future.

Wed, Jun 7, 2023

7 - 7:45 PM ET

The Secret to Career Success: Building Your Network

Planning your next step after high school can be overwhelming and sometimes it takes a village! You’ve probably heard about networking, but what does it actually mean and how do you do it?

Thu, Jun 8, 2023

7 - 7:45 PM ET

Stand Out on LinkedIn: Building a Great Student Profile

Is it too early to start building a LinkedIn profile in high school? Nope! You may think that having a profile is only for college students and professionals, but crafting yours now can help you stand out.

Thu, Jun 15, 2023

7 - 7:45 PM ET

All About College Loans for Students and Parents

As you consider your college options, you may realize you need to borrow funds to pay for college. What are the different types of loans? What should you consider before borrowing? How much should you borrow? You’ve got questions, and BigFuture has answers.

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It was helpful for me to hear other students' questions and be able to get answers to my most burning questions.

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I learned a lot about how to use BigFuture's resources to help with my college and career decisions!

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