BigFuture Ambassadors

Help Your Friends Own Their Future!

Why BigFuture Ambassadors?

Hear four past Ambassadors tell about their experience.

What Ambassadors Do

Connect with Each Other

Once a month, meet on Zoom for an hour in the evening. Between meetings, stay connected with each other and the BigFuture team on Discord.

Share BigFuture

Constantly share BigFuture on social media, at school or in conversations with friends. You want everyone to know how this free resource can help.

Help Us Improve

Regularly tell the BigFuture team what you hear from classmates, which helps us improve our resources and live events.

How You'll Benefit

Help Others

You’ll help friends by sharing BigFuture. By using BigFuture, they’ll qualify for $40,000 scholarships every month!

Network and Grow

You’ll learn communications and leadership skills and get to know Ambassadors from across the country on Discord and in meetings.

Get Recognition

If you’re accepted, we’ll tell your school. You can include this on college applications. You can earn rewards like merch or certificates by sharing BigFuture with friends.


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Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to the questions students most commonly ask about BigFuture Ambassadors.