Information Technology Programs in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island has many Information Technology (IT) postsecondary training programs that can help you reach your career goals. The programs below are a small sample of programs in your area that you may want to consider as you plan for your future after high school.

Provider Program Name & URL Program Description Modality Duration (in months)
Community College of Rhode Island Basic CompTIA A+ Prep (Self-Paced) Time to roll up those sleeves and dive inside the personal computer. This online Basic CompTIA A+ Certification Prep course will teach you about the hardware common to virtually every personal computer, including microprocessors, RAM, power supplies, motherboards, UEFI/BIOS, the system setup utility, the expansion bus, and input/output devices. You will learn how things work, how to configure everything, and how to troubleshoot in real-world environments.  Online 2
Community College of Rhode Island Computer Support Technician Certificate This program provides balanced coverage of technology fundamentals, computer hardware, computer software, and basic networking technology. Emphasis is placed on operating principles of hardware and software, operating systems, and industry standards along with hands-on laboratory activities for developing practical problem-solving skills. Students develop the ability to configure and troubleshoot basic PCs and basic information technology. Integrated into the program are courses that prepare students to sit for the CompTIA A+. In person 8
United Training Academy IT Networking & Security In a time of rising security threats, organizations are taking proactive measures to anticipate attackers and protect sensitive assets. The IT Networking & Security Program from United Training Academy will validate your technical competency in IT security. You will learn to analyze, test, troubleshoot and evaluate existing network systems—such as local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN)—as well as perform network maintenance to ensure networks operate correctly with minimal interruption. Online 3
Cranston Area Career and Technical Center Information Technology The Information Technology program prepares students for college and a career in Information Technology. The course will touch upon Computer Science topics (Application Development/coding, Web Design/HTML, and Database) and focus on the design, building and supporting of computer and network technologies. Students will have the opportunity to achieve up to 10 industry recognized certifications including CompTIA ITF+, A+, Microsoft MOS, Testout and NCSA customer service. They may also earn CCRI college credit in year 3 while taking the Computer Support Technician class. Students will learn how to build computers, design networks, work with customers, and lead tomorrows IT departments.  In person 48