10 Fastest Growing Jobs in Government & Public Administration

What are the fastest growing careers in Government & Public Administration?

Government & Public Administration careers include jobs in planning and performing government functions at the local, state, and federal levels, including governance, national security, foreign service, planning, revenue and taxation, and regulations. 

Here is a list of 10 fastest growing careers in the Government & Public Administration career cluster with substantial job demand. 

  1. Financial Examiners: Projected Job Growth: 9.24%
    Enforce or ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing financial and securities institutions and financial and real estate transactions. May examine, verify, or authenticate records.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists: Projected Job Growth: 4.41%
    Review, evaluate, and analyze work environments and design programs and procedures to control, eliminate, and prevent disease or injury caused by chemical, physical, and biological agents or ergonomic factors. May conduct inspections and enforce adherence to laws and regulations governing the health and safety of individuals. May be employed in the public or private sector.
  3. Compliance Officers: Projected Job Growth: 4.14%
    Examine, evaluate, and investigate eligibility for or conformity with laws and regulations governing contract compliance of licenses and permits, and perform other compliance and enforcement inspection and analysis activities not classified elsewhere.
  4. Coroners: Projected Job Growth: 4.14%
    Direct activities such as autopsies, pathological and toxicological analyses, and inquests relating to the investigation of deaths occurring within a legal jurisdiction to determine cause of death or to fix responsibility for accidental, violent, or unexplained deaths. 
  5. Environmental Compliance Inspectors: Projected Job Growth: 4.14%
    Monitor and evaluate compliance with equal opportunity laws, guidelines, and policies to ensure that employment practices and contracting arrangements give equal opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. 
  6. Government Property Inspectors and Investigators: Projected Job Growth: 4.14%
    Investigate or inspect government property to ensure compliance with contract agreements and government regulations.
  7. Regulatory Affairs Specialists: Projected Job Growth: 4.14%
    Coordinate and document internal regulatory processes, such as internal audits, inspections, license renewals, or registrations. May compile and prepare materials for submission to regulatory agencies. 
  8. Urban and Regional Planners: Projected Job Growth: 3.53%
    Develop comprehensive plans and programs for use of land and physical facilities of jurisdictions, such as towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas.
  9. Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate: Projected Job Growth: 2.72%
    Appraise real estate, exclusively, and estimate its fair value. May assess taxes in accordance with prescribed schedules.

This list was developed to provide meaningful information, so only occupations with a minimum number of available jobs were included.

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