Health Sciences Career Cluster

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Health Sciences Career Videos

Careers in the Health Science cluster generally revolve around supporting and caring for patients, some who might be facing illness or injury, others who need rehabilitation from a condition or are looking to maintain wellness, and many other areas of specialty and focus. The health care industry is thriving, and experts expect rapid career growth in these areas over the next decade.    

5 Hidden Gem Jobs in Health Care

Not only is a career in health care rewarding and impactful; job growth is outpacing that of the average of all other jobs. Learn 5 different careers in the world of health care.

Job Profile: Biomedical Engineer

Learn about the role of a Biomedical Engineer from several professionals in the field. 

Making Big Decisions as a First Responder

Making a paramedic means making big decisions to help people. Learn what the day to day looks like for a paramedic.

Role Mode: Anesthesiologist

Learn about the role of an Anesthesiology from Vivian Porche.