5 Majors to Consider for a Career in Human Services

What should you study if you are interested in a career in Human Services?

Human Services careers include jobs in helping people meet a variety of personal needs.  

If you are interested in a career in Human Services here is a list of 5 majors you might consider when thinking about your degree options.

  1. Human Services
    Human services majors learn how to help people meet basic physical and emotional needs. They go on to assist professionals such as social workers or to become professionals themselves.
  2. Social Work
    Social work majors learn to practice social work in various settings such as hospitals, child welfare agencies, and the criminal justice system.
  3. Public Administration
    Majors in public administration study how administrators enact policy at the local, state, and federal levels.
  4. Psychology
    Psychology majors study the way humans and animals act, feel, think, and learn.
  5. Sociology
    Sociology majors learn how to study people and the roles they play in society, both as individuals and in groups. Course work covers such topics as families, TV and other mass media, and criminology.

When you think about careers in the Human Services career cluster, these are just a few examples of potential majors to get you started. Explore more majors or search for colleges on BigFuture that offer these or similar majors to start building your college list!