Marketing Career Path Resources

Marketing careers include jobs in sales and advertising and focuses on influencing consumers’ buying behavior, and promoting and selling products and services, and includes market research and advertising.

The majority of organizations from grocery stores to local banks, colleges and universities and big corporations, rely on marking in some way. There are a variety of different careers in the marketing cluster – from social media manager to sales engineer to market research analysts.


Would a career in Marketing be a good fit?

If you have a knack for communication and creative thinking, a career in the Marketing cluster might be for you! Here are some things to know about marketing careers:  

  • Most marketing and sales occupations typically follow a 40-hour work week, although some jobs might include evening or night shifts to accommodate customers’ schedules. 

  • For many marketing and sales careers, helpful qualities include an outgoing personality, persuasiveness, and public speaking ability. 

  • For most jobs, a commitment to customer service is essential.  

  • It’s important to keep in mind that in some sales positions, pay could be based on commission— which is when earnings are based on sales—so pay may vary considerably.  

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What are some examples of careers in Marketing?

Here are some examples of careers in the Marketing cluster based on the general level of education needed to get hired in this career. 

High School Education 

Short-Term Training  

Bachelor’s Degree  

  • Cashiers  

  • Drivers/Sales Workers 

  • Retail Salespersons  

  • Real Estate Sales Agents  

  • Wholesale and Retail Buyers  

  • Marketing Manager  

  • Sales Director  

  • Public Relations Specialist 

  • Market Research Analysist   

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