College Board and Jobs For the Future (JFF)

College Board and Jobs For the Future (JFF) helping all students create a big future

College Board and JFF are working together to integrate career navigation connected to postsecondary options into College Board’s BigFuture® platform. This initiative is part of bigger picture effort to drive equitable advancement for all students. In collaboration with multiple stakeholders, College Board and JFF aim to provide transparency about the variety of postsecondary pathways that lead to career success. The dialogue that College Board has with millions of students each year about their interests and academic achievement, while engaging with AP, SAT, and BigFuture, positions College Board to connect more students with high quality postsecondary options.

Historically, College Board has provided valuable information for students to understand how to plan and pay for college on BigFuture ultimately leading toward a path to a four-year college. Yet, over 50% of students could be looking to begin their education through alternative pathways, and BigFuture has not been able to serve as a guide for those students.

JFF will act as a strategic advisor, connector, and validator to College Board as College Board evolves BigFuture resources so that students can easily and effectively:

  • Explore careers based on their interests, labor market demand, and academic readiness.
  • Discover critical information about available post-secondary education and financing options that lead to career success.

By leveraging JFF’s extensive network of employers, workforce, and training partners and College Board’s significant reach to students and expansive K12 and Higher Education membership, College Board can ensure that guidance is relevant, timely, and accurate.

There are many educational paths to success that don’t need to start with four-year degree. All students, especially underrepresented and under-resourced students, need clear information about available options after high school that unlock economic mobility. Together, College Board and JFF are working to create a more equitable playing field for all learners. We encourage you to visit to see what’s new.

About JFF

Jobs for the Future’s mission is to build a society in which everyone has the skills, resources, and credentials needed to achieve equitable economic advancement. To reach that goal, we accelerate the alignment, transformation, and re-imagination of the American workforce and education systems. Jobs for the Future (JFF) is a national leader in workforce development and education. For almost 40 years, we have worked across sectors to achieve improvement in labor market outcomes for youth and adults, particularly for individuals who are low income and face barriers to economic mobility. JFF designs and refines leading-edge education and workforce solutions, scales programs through national coalitions and networks, influences federal and state policy as well as employer and industry action, and invests capital to incubate new solutions and accelerate innovation. We work with partners to catalyze impact across the entire ecosystem of work and learning, from postsecondary institutions to workforce boards, from tech startups to community-based nonprofits, from large corporations to government agencies, and from philanthropists to policymakers.