Major: International Business

What colleges offer a Major in International Business?

Working in international business requires strong communication and analytical skills. Understanding the political, cultural, and economic landscapes of the countries you work with is essential. Having insights into these differences will impact how you do business and is vital to productivity and robust business relationships. 

As an international business major, you’ll develop diplomacy and cultural sensitivity skills. You’ll remain tapped into global news reporting and international politics, which may affect your business relationships. Your courses will prepare you to analyze data, evaluate risks, and identify ways to improve or create new business opportunities.

What does an International Business major study? 

  • International Business
  • Global Marketing Strategy
  • Intercultural Business
  • International Economics
  • Introduction to International Studies

What can I do with an International Business degree?

Examples of career opportunities an International Business degree prepares you for include the following:

Specializations for an International Business major:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Finance
  • Emerging Markets
  • International Trade
  • Global Management
  • Policy and Globalization

What are the requirements for an International Business degree? 

Pursuing this degree is an exciting opportunity that gives you another way to look at the culture, politics, and economy of different countries. To graduate, you must fulfill the core and major course requirements. In addition, internship experience is essential. Studying abroad is a perfect way to kickstart what you’ll be doing in your career: traveling and interacting with people from other parts of the world to engage in successful business transactions.