Business Majors and Degrees

Business degrees prepare students for careers related to effectively running a productive business. These programs can be general or specific, and they explore topics such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and human resources. Whether you hope to start your own business, support a nonprofit, or join a corporation, a Business program can give you the technical knowledge and people skills necessary to succeed.

Who might enjoy a Business program?

You might enjoy a Business program if you possess strong organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. A Business-related major could also be a good fit for you if you excel in classes like math, economics, and personal finance, if you enjoy debating, public speaking, working retail, or holding leadership positions, or if you want to continue exploring what you’ve learned in a program like DECA Inc., BPA (Business Professionals of America), or another business-oriented club.

What kinds of classes do Business majors take?

As a Business major, you’d begin your program with introductory courses like Micro/Macroeconomics, Business Math, or Principles of Management. As the program progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to take specialized classes such as Consumer Behavior, Financial Modeling, and Operations Management.

What jobs can a Business degree prepare you for? 

Business degrees are versatile and can lead to a career in a variety of industries. With a Business degree, you might become an insurance agent, an accountant, a financial analyst, a business development manager, or a human resources specialist. Or you can use what you learn in your program to start your own business!

How long does it take people who major in Business to graduate from college?

Business programs typically take a full four years to complete, though this depends on your schedule and any AP credits you might have. If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate program, you may need to complete two more years of schooling.

Are additional degrees needed for related jobs?

Additional degrees aren’t necessarily required for a career in Business, but a Master of Business Administration (MBA) could accelerate your career and make you a stronger candidate for senior-level positions. Jobs like accounting or actuary positions, however, do require you to pass specialized exams in order to become certified.