Major: General Studies

Are you interested in exploring different disciplines? Do you prefer to curate your studies to cover academic topics? A general studies major may be a perfect fit if you’re curious and haven’t committed to one educational field. 

You’ll take courses in the arts, sciences, and humanities. This major has a multidisciplinary curriculum that will foster a well-rounded academic experience. General Studies will help you develop analytical and communication skills and knowledge of various topics.

What does a General Studies major study? 

  • American History
  • American Literature
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Biology

What can I do with a General Studies degree?

General Studies is an interdisciplinary degree in which students take courses in various subjects: arts, biological, physical, and social sciences, mathematics, and the humanities. The breadth of knowledge in these disciplines, combined with reading, writing, and communication skills, creates an opportunity for careers like the following:

Specializations for a General Studies major:

What are the requirements for a General Studies degree? 

Because this degree is multidisciplinary, review the academic requirements for graduation. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that your course selections each semester are diverse and provide the total credit hours needed. 



Career Clusters

Students can explore career clusters – groups of jobs with similar features that often require similar knowledge or skills. Watch videos from professionals in these fields to learn more about these careers.