Major: Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

What colleges offer a Major in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies?

Unlike general studies majors in which students take broad-based courses across various disciplines, multi- or interdisciplinary studies focus on two or more areas of study unified into one program. As a multi/interdisciplinary studies major, you can create the degree that best fits your needs and interests.

Are you fascinated by healthcare and business? You can combine healthcare administration and business into a multi/interdisciplinary degree. Do you play a musical instrument? Math and music are intricately tied together. Integrating them may be the perfect challenge─and the ideal career─for you. The combinations of disciplines in multi/interdisciplinary studies are wide-ranging.

What does a Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies major study? 

  • Introduction to Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Composition and Rhetoric
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Concepts in Biology
  • English Literature

What can I do with a Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies degree?

Many career options exist for students who graduate with a multi/interdisciplinary studies degree. Your breadth of knowledge in various topics and your communication and critical thinking skills will make you a valuable addition to many organizations. Here are some job opportunities you might consider:

Specializations for a Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies major:

  • Psychology
  • Environmental Management
  • Biomedical Research
  • Psychology
  • Health and Society
  • Diversity Studies
  • Global Studies

What are the requirements for a Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies degree? 

Refer to your academic handbook. Meet with your advisor to ensure that your career plan aligns with your chosen courses. In addition, internships and a capstone project may be requirements for graduation.



Career Clusters

Students can explore career clusters – groups of jobs with similar features that often require similar knowledge or skills. Watch videos from professionals in these fields to learn more about these careers.