Major: Sports and Fitness Administration

What colleges offer a Major in Sports and Fitness Administration?

The world of sports management is more than pro athletes and ball games. It’s a big business full of huge budget decisions and complex negotiations. If you major in sports and fitness administration, you might go on to organize the Super Bowl, work for the New York Yankees, or build a training program for the University of California. On the other hand, you might devote yourself to running your city’s youth basketball association.

Whatever direction you take, you’ll need to draw on your knowledge of health, fitness, business, and law.

Sports and fitness administration majors learn how to use legal and business principles to run athletic programs, sports teams, fitness facilities, and health clubs.

Did You Know?

The New York City Marathon debuted with only 55 finishers in 1970, but there were almost 38,000 in 2006.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Practice negotiating contracts
  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Study the theories behind fitness routines
  • Memorize the parts of the body
  • Learn how to promote sports teams and fitness centers
  • Study the legal questions surrounding athletic organizations

It Helps To Be...

Interested in playing sports and attending athletic events. It also helps to be a fan of math and logic puzzles, and have an interest in the human body.

College Checklist

  • How many professors are in the department? Make sure you’ll get the attention you deserve.
  • Are there sports venues where you can practice running events?
  • How committed is the school to the sports and fitness program? Is it a minor, or is it offered as its own major?
  • What internships have recent students completed?
  • Does the program have a strong alumni network? This can lead to better internship and job opportunities for you.

Did You Know?

The 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, went more than a billion dollars over its $5.5 billion budget.

Course Spotlight

Nearly every sports and fitness administration program includes a course in sports marketing. Why? Learning what sports fans and athletes want and need and promoting sporting organizations both large and small are key management activities.

In such courses, you’ll study the history of sports marketing and analyze past sporting events, looking closely at the marketing decisions that were made. You’ll also critique advertising and other promotional methods, and learn about sports licensing (selling the right to use a team’s logo on products such as baseball caps).