Student Career Pathway Tools and Resources

We believe a successful career should be within reach for all high school students.

Exploring Careers with Career Search

Every student should have the resources they need to unlock opportunity after high school. There are many paths to a successful future—including two- and four-year college, apprenticeships, job or skills training, military service, or direct entry into the workforce. College Board is creating the scalable tools and resources all students need to succeed on any path.

Career Navigation Resources—Expose and guide students to discover future options

Career Exploration with BigFuture

Free online planning guide tool where students can explore 1,000 career options and find possibilities based on their interests.

Explore Career Possibilities – BigFuture | College Board

Career Insights with BigFuture

Career profiles with information on how students’ skills (based on their latest PSAT-related/SAT score) align with the typical requirements for careers.

Connect Students to Career Possibilities – BigFuture

Delivery of Career Insights with SAT Suite of Assessments

A new feature on the score report to ignite future planning for all students, regardless of their path after high school.

What are Career Insights in my score report? – BigFuture | College Board

Career Preparation & Acceleration Resources—Providing career-relevant coursework and skill-building, and postsecondary connections

Career Kickstart Courses

A new program offering industry-recognized credentials and college credit courses. This expansion of the trusted AP model gives all students access to in-demand, high-wage careers.

Career Kickstart Cybersecurity Pathway Courses Pilot in 2024

Multiple Pathways to Success

Information on six different pathways students can take after high school, confirming there’s more than one route to a destination.

Multiple Pathways to Success – BigFuture | College Board

Research and Surveys

Learn more about what we’re hearing from students (Morning Consult, 2023 and 2023):

  • 4 in 5 high school students have begun exploring career paths.
  • 80%+ of students want more career exploration in high school.
  • Important to students: Doing something they’re passionate about (92%), salary (91%), work-life balance (90%), and work environment/setting (88%).