How can I find college scholarships?

Scholarship Search is a tool that allows you to create a profile with standard information requested by many college scholarship applications. This profile is used to match you with scholarships that you're eligible for based on their requirements. You'll be able to reuse the information for other applications without having to retype your personal information for each subsequent application.

The College Board National Recognition Programs award academic honors to underrepresented students. The four national recognition programs include the National African American Recognition Program, National Hispanic Recognition Program, National Indigenous Recognition Program, and National Rural and Small Town Recognition Program. Students who take eligible administrations of the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams will be considered for awards. Students must also identify as Black, African American, Latino, Hispanic, Indigenous, or attend high school in a rural area or small town. This isn’t a scholarship program. However, students can include this academic honor in their college and scholarship applications.

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