What are Career Insights in my PSAT score report?

We know that discovering a career is a driving force as you make decisions about your future. And as you think about your career goals and what you’ll do after high school, you’ll begin uncovering what you like, your skills, the opportunities available to you, and the steps you need to take to reach your goals. To help with that, we’ve included Career Insights on your PSAT score report—a snapshot of in-demand jobs in your state that can get you thinking about what you may like to do in the future. The careers listed are not the only ones available in your state or the only ones you should consider for yourself, but use them as a starting point to explore what interests you most. Each job on your score report:

  • are fast-growing careers in your state.
  • vary widely to reflect careers across interest areas (Doers, Thinkers, Creators, Helpers, Persuaders, and Organizers).
  • requires some form of education after high school.
  • pays a living wage.

To learn more about careers, and see careers based on your interests, you can find resources on BigFuture. The site offers a free career quiz—a 10-minute quiz that helps match your likes, dislikes, and interests to a list of 30 career options to explore. 

Find time to talk with your school counselor or a teacher who can help support you through the exploration process and answer questions about the career information on your score report or general questions about planning for your life after high school.

Sample Career Insights: