Would a career in the Health Science cluster be a good fit for me?

Health Science careers could be a good fit for you if you have a general interest in health care or science, an interest in helping others, and a desire for lifelong learning. Here some things to keep in mind when considering a career in Health Sciences:

  • You should be aware that in many health sciences careers, work can involve many hours on your feet or moving around, be fast paced, and require multitasking.
  • Note that, in many facilities that operate 24/7, work rotations could mean nontraditional work hours, including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Because of the hiring boom, you may find it easy to change employers or relocate to a new area, though states’ licensure and certification requirements differ.
  • If you’re willing to further your education, you may find that advancement potential is excellent, and some employers even pay for additional credentials.

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