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Meet our $40,000 Winners

See who already won a $40,000 BigFuture Scholarship for college!

Ellianna Johnson

Ellianna J.

January 2022 Winner

Oden, AK

Oden High School


Receiving this scholarship opens the door to many colleges and universities.

Paige Holmes

Paige H.

January 2022 Winner

Stoneham, MA

Stoneham High School


It means so much to me and my family.

Jalliyia Phillippy

Jalliyia P.

February 2022 Winner

Pompano Beach, FL

Deerfield Beach High School


I hope to transform my dreams of becoming a doctor into reality with this.

Marissa Reyes

Marissa R.

February 2022 Winner

Houston, TX

YES Prep Public Schools


This scholarship means one less thing to worry about.

Ariana Davidson

Ariana D.

March 2022 Winner

Sharon, PA

Sharon High School


My life has forever been changed.

Kaylee Greelish

Kaylee G.

March 2022 Winner

Odessa, FL

Walter L. Sickles High School


This scholarship will help us afford college without concerns.

Lin Guo

Lin G.

April 2022 Winner

Brooklyn, NY

New Utrecht High School


I will use this to reduce the costs of attending my university.

Willem Speltz

Willem S.

April 2022 winner

Rockford, IL

Winnebago High School


The scholarship I received is life-changing.

Adriana B.

Adriana B.

May 2022 Winner

Roselle, NJ

David Brearley HS


It will help me get a further step in selecting a college I wanna go to.


Cecilia B.

May 2022 Winner

Philadelphia, PA

Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School


This motivated me to finish high school strong and find colleges that are best for me.


Abigail Y.

June 2022 Winner

Spencer, IN

Owen Valley High School


This scholarship will help me throughout college by allowing me to focus on my academics rather then focusing on a job.


Veronica T.

June 2022 Winner

Miami, FL

Miami Arts Charter School


To me and my family, it means an opportunity to not only be the first generation to go to a university, but to also meet others from different backgrounds and more.


Carrington C.

July 2022 Winner

Pearland, TX

Glenda Dawson High School


This is huge for my family as I will be the FIRST college attendee that will not have to take out a student loan.

Mia C.

Mia C.

August 2022 Winner

Los Angeles, CA

Panorama High School


This scholarship means everything to my family and I. It means less struggle and worry about my future.

Britney P.

Britney P.

September 2022 Winner

Houston, TX

KIPP Houston High School


BigFuture helped me begin my college journey by giving me a platform where I could navigate college research and build my first college list.

Vaeanui P.

Vaeanui P.

November 2022 Winner

Kahuku, HI

Kahuku High and Intermediate School


When I was told that I got the scholarship, I was in shock. Then I saw my parents walking towards me and that was when it really hit me how much this scholarship means for me and my family. It means I can achieve my dreams of going to college because I can afford college without financially burdening my family.


E’lyssia B.

December 2022 Winner

Columbus, GA

Hardaway High School


This gives me a push to apply for more scholarships and find ways to pay for college.


Justus H.

January 2023 Winner

Katy, TX

Morton Ranch High School


It is the embodiment of the dedication I had when it came down to taking the time out to apply to scholarships.


Richard C.

January 2023 Winner

Philadelphia, PA

Central High School


Like my older siblings, it is a tradition that I pay for my college education. Now that the family restaurant took an immense toll from the pandemic, asking is not even an option. We are grateful to BigFuture for giving us this life-changing opportunity.


Wilson M.

February 2023 Winner

Robert Vela High School

Edinburg, TX


This has alleviated any worries about taking student loans or any financial hardships.


April W.

February 2023 Winner

Chapin High School

Chapin, SC


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