BigFuture New York Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions


How will students qualify for the scholarships?

Students will need to create or sign into their College Board account and complete the career quiz by November 30 to qualify to win a $10,000 scholarship. If they don’t wish to participate, students will be able to opt out here . When they complete the career quiz, any Class of 2024 or 2025 student with a College Board account who attends high school in New York will be automatically entered into monthly drawings. No additional sign up is necessary to qualify.

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What is the career quiz?

Career Search on BigFuture provides engaging, personalized career exploration tools to help students discover careers based on their interests, skills, and projected job growth. Today, students can explore more than 1,000 careers, based on their interests, and learn about required education, median yearly income, and more.

This 60-question survey can be completed in about 15 minutes on BigFuture. It’s provided by O*Net and was developed for the U.S. Department of Labor. The O*Net database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, activities, and interests associated with occupations to inform career exploration. Students are asked 10 questions for six different career traits, such as Realistic (Doers), Social (Helpers) and Artistic (Creators). The questions gauge students how much they would like to perform specific tasks. Based on their responses, students who complete the quiz will receive 30 recommended careers to explore.

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Can these scholarships be applied regardless of institution type? (two-year, four-year, for profit?)

These scholarships can be used for any college or university that is designated as a Title IV eligible institution under the Higher Education Act. Title IV schools are institutions of higher education where students are eligible for federal student aid. This includes public, private, for-profit, and vocational schools that are Title IV colleges and universities. This also includes both two- and four-year institutions. Scholarship recipients can use the funds at schools either inside or outside of New York.

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How will scholarship winners receive the money?

College Board partners with Scholarship America to disburse the $10,000 awards made payable to the college or university that a student attends. These awards can be paid in full or in in installments at the discretion of student winners in consultation with their college or university.

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How do these scholarships compare to BigFuture Scholarships?

The BigFuture New York Scholarship is a short-term initiative between September 1 and November 30, 2022. Only sophomores and juniors attending high school in New York are eligible to qualify for these $10,000 awards that recognize early efforts to explore careers.

BigFuture Scholarships are now open to all class of 2023 students in the U.S. and territories. By completing one or more college planning steps on BigFuture, eligible seniors will be automatically entered into monthly drawings for $500 and $40,000 scholarships. The more steps that students complete, the more chances they have to earn money for college. Information about the launch of BigFuture Scholarships for current juniors across the country will be shared later in the fall.

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Is participation in Student Search Service required to qualify for the BigFuture New York Scholarships?

No, Student Search Service participation is not required for students to qualify for these awards. The only requirements to be eligible are the following: Students who are sophomores or juniors as of September 1 need to create or log into a College Board account and complete the career quiz on BigFuture by November 30.

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