Is College Worth It?

Yes! And BigFuture® can help you figure out if college is the right path for you and the ways you can afford it (e.g., scholarships, financial aid, and loans).

Why College Is Important & How to Pay for It

Does College Matter?

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Scholarships for high school students and college students

One way you can afford college is through scholarships. It’s never too early to start looking for student scholarships. Whether you’re a first-year student, sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, you can share background information to help you match with scholarships. Browse through over 24,000 scholarships offering over $1.5 billion annually. We also have scholarships for current college students in undergraduate programs.


Investing in a College Degree

The cost of college may leave you wondering whether a college degree is a good investment for your future. Although the average cost of college tuition has risen, studies show that a college degree continues to be worth the cost.


More Resources

Here are some key resources to check out as you’re looking into how financial aid and student loans can help you pay for college.