What to Do Before and After Your College Interview

Use this checklist to prepare for your college interviews and to take care of details afterward. Being prepared will help you stay calm and confident. It's also important to be honest about who you are and what you've done. You'll be more convincing — and appealing — if you stick to what's real.

  • Make an interview appointment with one of the colleges I want to attend.
  • Mark the date and time on my calendar.
  • Research the college by checking out its website, brochure and course catalog.
  • Make notes about why I want to attend this college.
  • Make notes about my academic background and high school experiences.
  • Make notes about my life outside the classroom, including activities, community service and hobbies.
  • Get familiar with common interview questions and do some practice interviews with a friend or family member. Take turns being the interviewee and the interviewer.
  • Prepare questions about the school to ask the interviewer.
  • Get directions to the interview.
  • Choose appropriate clothes to wear for the interview.
  • Gather documents I might need, such as test scores and my high school transcript.
  • Make notes about the interview.
  • File away any business cards with contact information that the interviewer and other admission staff offer.
  • Send a thank-you note to the interviewer. Thank the person for his or her time and refer to something specific we discussed.