A Shifting Landscape

Applying to College

In the wake of the June 2023 Supreme Court decision limiting how colleges consider race as a factor in the admissions process, many impacted schools have reaffirmed their commitment to diversity. We, too, continue to believe strongly in the value of diversity on college campuses.

We know that everyone’s path after high school is going to be unique. And we also know that what is happening outside your classroom can impact what comes next. The recent ruling raises questions about what is and isn’t allowed within the law, and colleges and universities now must figure out what this means for their admissions policies and how to move forward. We’re committed to helping you make sense of the complex changes ahead.

So how will the ruling impact my chances of admission?

The truth is we can’t answer that question – yet. We believe strongly that what makes you unique is an asset to colleges and we will continue to help you find ways to celebrate that. Our commitment at BigFuture remains the same: To make sure students from all backgrounds can be found by colleges and connected to their best path forward.

We do know that colleges are still looking for you. If you were thinking about attending college after high school, don't let the Supreme Court ruling discourage you. Keep moving forward with your application or start to explore the necessary steps to apply for college. And while we don’t have all the answers right now, we have more information coming. Until then, spend some time with our free resources that can help with planning for college.

Check back often as we help make sense of policy changes that are impacting colleges and careers and what that means for you.