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You don’t have to be interested in just computer programming or animation to have a career in gaming. Here are a few of the many possible paths. Find out more about these and other careers—including job descriptions, salary ranges, and education requirements.

Marketing Manager

If you like video game trailers, a role in Marketing Management might be right for you.

Special FX Artist

If you like painting or drawing, a role in Special Effects might be right for you.

Film Editor

If you like making Tik Tok videos, a role in Film Editing might be right for you.

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Gaming offers so many unique career paths. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from a pro. Click on the link below to watch recent talks from gaming industry leaders like Arin Goldsmith, Senior Talent Marketing Specialist from Blizzard, Chris Munson, Head of Xbox sports at Microsoft, and more. Don’t wait to discover the career that’s right for you. 

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