The Campus Pride Ultimate Queer College Guide: The College Search

The following content provided by our educational partners Campus Pride, a national organization for LGBTQ+ student leaders and campus groups at colleges and universities.

Find the right college for you.

When starting the search, it can be difficult to identify where you should apply and what colleges are out there. There are databases, college fairs, and websites that are at your disposal. Below are some specific resources for LGBTQ colleges.

Don’t know where to start? Consider what you are looking for.

Consider using the Campus Pride Personal Inventory Quiz , which could aid in the narrowing of your college search.

There are many different types and classifications of institutions in the United States. Four-year institutions are not always the best place to start. Many students start at a two-year institution and transfer to a four-year institution to save money and get General Education requirements done.

After you consider the things above, it is time to check our resources. Consider starting with the Campus Pride Index and college fairs, and continue your research on the BigFuture College Search. Also, it may be helpful to refer to the recent Campus Pride Top list of LGBTQ Colleges in the U.S.

Reminder: Just because these colleges score high on the Campus Pride Index, does not mean these are the best fit for you. So ask questions and try them all on for size.

Check the Campus Pride’s Top List:

  1. LGBTQ Colleges – Campus Pride’s Best of the Best LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges & Universities
  2. Check the Campus Pride Index – The Campus Pride Index allows you to look at the institutions that are registered through Campus Pride and are given a rating on how LGBTQ Friendly they are.
    • Understanding the Index:
      1. LGBTQIA Student Group
      2. Pro-LGBTQIA Policies
      3. LGBTQIA Academic Support
      4. LGBTQIA Student Support
      5. LGBTQIA Campus Safety
      6. LGBTQIA Resources
      7. LGBTQIA Counseling
      8. LGBTQIA Retention and Recruitment
    • Understanding the Search Engine:
      1. Filter by Region
      2. Filter by State
      3. Index Rating (1 Star – 5 Stars)
      4. Institution Type
      5. Locale (Population of College Location)

Before you apply

Before you apply to any college, it would be best to do some pre-research into the culture and atmosphere of the college you are looking for. Campus Pride offers many resources that describe the perfect campus for you. As you are doing your pre-research, don’t forget to fill out the Individual Action Plan for LGBTQ College Seeker.