National Recognition Programs

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What are the National Recognition Programs?

A proven way for Black, Indigenous, Latino, and rural area students to stand out to colleges.

Why Apply for the National Recognition Programs?

Stand Out to Colleges

You can include this honor in your college and scholarship applications.

Show You’re a Top Student

Receiving recognition means you’re a top-performing student.

Explore Your Options

You may find out about colleges you didn’t know existed or wouldn’t have considered.

How to Qualify for National Recognition Programs 

Students who take eligible administrations of the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams will be considered for awards. Students must also identify as Latino, Black, Indigenous, or rural area students.

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Students who meet the eligibility requirements will be invited to apply in early spring. If you believe you're eligible for recognition but don't receive an invitation, please apply.

Recognition Notification

Students who are awarded recognition will be notified in September 2023.


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Caring Adults and Educators

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My Recognition Story

I recommended the National Recognition Program to a lot of my friends who are still in high school, because I think it's a great opportunity, and a lot of schools offer university-sponsored scholarships. It's benefited me really well because I received a four-year scholarship that covers a large part of my tuition just from being named to the Hispanic Recognition Program.

Aiden G., Texas A&M University

It was really cool to get the Rural and Small Town Recognition Program Award affirming that my hard work has been recognized. It gave me a confidence boost as I was applying for scholarships and pushed me into things I wouldn't have thought I could receive and gave me more opportunities for success. I'd encourage other students to go for it – there is a chance.

Abigail K., University of Iowa

I'm lucky that I got the Hispanic Recognition Program Award – I don't know anyone else that earned it in my county. I received a scholarship based on the award and was able to come to school for free for four years, which means the world to me to have that financial weight off of me and my parents. The scholarship also covers books and housing, so I don't have to worry about expenses, which allows me to better plan for the future.

Sandra F., University of South Carolina

It's definitely something worth applying to. After I applied a lot of good things happened. Getting the Indigenous Recognition Program Award changed things a lot. A lot of schools reached out to me with scholarships. I'd already applied to my school, and after I received the award, they reached out to me with a full tuition scholarship based on me receiving the National Recognition Program Award.

Hope R., University of Oklahoma

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