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☕ Hear the Real Tea on HBCUs and PWIs!

Black college students bring you the real tea on the college experience at HBCUs (Historically Black College and Universities) and PWIs (Predominately White Institutions)! Tap in and discover how to know if a college is the right fit for you, why your squad matters, and the importance of self-care.

Advice If You’re Considering an HBCU


Top Tips from HBCU Admissions Reps Across the Country

  • Start researching HBCUs now.
  • You can reach out to campus reps, alumni, and current students.
  • Challenge yourself academically.
  • No matter your interests or grades, there’s an HBCU for you.
  • Make sure your admissions essay really reflects you!
  • It’s never too early to start applying for scholarships.
  • HBCUs are an opportunity for you to explore the diversity of Blackness.

Is an HBCU Right for You?

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