Major: Arts and Entertainment Management

Which colleges offer a Major in Arts & Entertainment Management?

TV, film, music, theatre, or dance companies all require arts and entertainment management.  You’ll plan, organize, and manage the business side of art, media, and entertainment while keeping the ideas of artists, entertainers, and creatives in mind. 

Bridging the arts and business goes beyond artistic vision and budgetary plans. It also requires sustainability. You’ll need to strategically include the environmental, social, and economic impacts of creative projects. This exciting field is demanding and will require you to juggle many tasks. Your job is to maintain the creative vision of various projects while navigating the complexities of the business side of things. 

What does a student majoring in Arts and Entertainment Management study? 

To understand the needs that bring the creative vision of artists and entertainers to fruition, take courses like these to develop behind-the-scene skills:

  • Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Management
  • Arts and Entertainment Law
  • Venue and Facility Management
  • Cultural Policy
  • Special Events Marketing 
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Principles of Economics
  • Statistics
  • Financial Accounting

What can I do with an Arts and Entertainment Management degree?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work in settings such as theatre companies, film, museums, and art galleries. Here are some career options:

Specializations for an Arts and Entertainment Management Major:

You may choose to focus on a specialty. Research colleges and universities thoroughly to see if they offer a concentration in the area you’re interested in. Here are a few areas you can zero in on:

  • Performing Arts Management
  • Visual Arts Management
  • Cultural and Public Administration
  • Media Management

What are the requirements for an Arts and Entertainment Management degree? 

Periodically reviewing academic requirements with your adviser keeps you on the right track. In addition to completing degree requirements, make sure to acquire solid internship experience. Internships train you to develop the skills required to manage events online and offline with expertise.