Arts and Humanities Majors and Degrees

Arts and Humanities is a catchall term for degrees that examine human societies and cultures. Arts students explore these themes by creating artistic work, while Humanities students analyze them through mediums like art, language, and history. Arts and Humanities programs are often multidisciplinary, meaning they combine a variety of subject areas and offer students a well-rounded learning experience. These programs teach students how to communicate effectively, build meaningful relationships, and think both critically and creatively. 

Who might enjoy an Arts and Humanities program?

Arts and Humanities programs are an ideal option if you’re creative and socially engaged. If your favorite high school classes are English, social studies, or foreign language, you’d be a good fit for these areas of study. You may also enjoy majoring in this area if you participate in the following extracurriculars: writing or taking photos for the school paper, performing in the marching band, competing in the History Bowl, or taking part in activities like fashion club, the yearbook committee, or theater.

What kinds of classes do Arts and Humanities majors take?

Arts and Humanities courses often involve a lot of reading, writing, researching, and creating. Cultural awareness is important in these disciplines. You’d take courses about world events, civic engagement, and social justice issues. Examples include Philosophy of Gender, Politics and Ethics, or Comparative Literature. If you’re an Arts major, you’d attend group critiques to receive feedback on your work.

What jobs can an Arts and Humanities degree prepare you for?

Because Arts and Humanities degrees are often multidisciplinary, they can be incredibly versatile and applicable to many jobs beyond your specific field of study. Your career possibilities are endless, but popular options include writing and editing, marketing and public relations, brand and content strategy, teaching, project management, and human resources.

How long does it take people who major in Arts and Humanities to graduate from college?

Although this answer depends on your schedule and whether you come into your college program with AP credits, a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities can typically be completed in four years, and some students can earn their degree in just three years.

Are additional degrees needed for related jobs?

Many of the jobs that Arts and Humanities students tend to pursue don’t require additional degrees. For specific positions, however, additional schooling may be necessary. Let’s say you major in English and then decide to become a lawyer. To accomplish this, you’d need to earn a law degree after completing your undergraduate program.