Major: Industrial and Product Design

What colleges offer a Major in Industrial and Product Design?

With everyone glued to a smartphone, you may be hard-pressed to find someone using a pen─or having one on hand. 

But store stockrooms and stationary aisles will surely have a wide selection of pens. The ballpoint pen, invented in 1938 by journalist László József Bíró, came about because of a problem. After noticing newspaper ink dried quickly and was smudge-free, he used the ink in a regular pen. But the thick newspaper ink wouldn’t flow from the pen nib. 

He created a pen with a tiny ball at its tip. As the pen moved along the paper, the ball rotated and picked up the ink easily. Problem solved!
As an industrial and product design major you will create products that will solve consumer issues and improve the quality of life. 

What does an Industrial and Product Design major study? 

  • Design Drawing
  • Materials and Processes
  • Product Design
  • Furniture Development
  • Design Methodology
  • Applied Materials
  • Digital Design Tools

What can I do with an Industrial and Product Design degree?

With an Industrial and Product Design degree, you can pursue the following career opportunities:

Specializations for an Industrial and Product Design major:

  • Business 
  • Art
  • Technology

What are the requirements for an Industrial and Product Design degree? 

Your college or university will let you know the requirements for your degree program. Internships and projects will provide real-world practice that’s invaluable to jump-start your career. Be sure to go over your plans with your academic advisor. They can point you in the right direction and make sure you stay on course.