Major: Film Production

What colleges offer a Major in Film Production?

We’ve all watched those red-carpet moments of a film premiere or award ceremony: Lights flash from photographers’ cameras to capture the picture-perfect shot of celebrities. Fans line up to get a glimpse of their favorite movie star. Interviewers question celebrities about their film roles and “who they’re wearing.”

Viewers will remember the characters in movies, but what they watch on the big screen is all due to the efforts of the film producer. Film producers plan, coordinate, and manage movie production from the film’s conception to the film’s release. They also look for projects, acquire funding, and hire staff. Film production majors will learn creative and technical aspects of movie making.

What does a Film Production major study?

As a Film Production major, you’ll take courses that cover various aspects of films, such as animation, sound design, audio and visual media, and the following: 

  • Lighting Design
  • Scene Design
  • Cinematography
  • Production Planning
  • Editing and Graphic
  • Film Production Lab

What can I do with a Film Production degree?

A Film Production Degree will position you well for job opportunities such like these:

Specializations for a Film Production  major: 

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Producing
  • Post-Production
  • Production Design

What are the requirements for a Film Production degree?

Review the department requirements for the credits you’ll need to graduate. If you also choose a minor or specialization, take care to meet those academic requirements. Getting hands-on experience through special projects or internships will give you an idea of what aspect of film production is the best fit for you.