Major: Film Production

What colleges offer a Major in Film Production?

If every picture tells a story, then movies tell a series of small important stories. Each carefully composed scene is framed, lit, and paced to bring meaning to the script. Every detail, from where the actors stand to the sound of rustling leaves, is the result of planning and cooperation. It’s a good day on a film shoot when a three-page scene is shot the way the director and cinematographer pictured it months before. If you major in film production, you’ll find out how people, ideas, and technology come together to create the movies that become a part of our lives.

As a student in film production, you'll learn how to make movies, exploring the role of each person on a film set. You’ll also study movies, learning from the production choices of other artists.

Did You Know?

There are Oscars for student filmmakers, too. Winners who went on to fame include Robert Zemeckis, Spike Lee, Trey Parker, and John Lasseter.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Shoot and edit scenes again and again to get what you want
  • Take criticism from your professors and classmates
  • Spend your own money on film, props, and more
  • Follow orders when working on someone else’s project
  • Spend endless hours getting the cast, crew, and equipment you need
  • See your vision on the big screen

It Helps To Be...

Creative, visual, observant, patient, and able to work with others. When making a film, time truly is money, so learn how to thrive under pressure.

College Checklist

  • Will you learn about narrative film only, or can you also try documentaries and experimental films?
  • Is the equipment up-to-date? Is there enough to go around? Is it available nights and weekends?
  • Do undergrads have the same access to equipment as graduate students?
  • Is there equipment for television production as well as film?
  • How many projects will you get the chance to produce?
  • Will you have to fund your own projects, or does the department help out?

Did You Know?

Many jobs in film production require union membership.

Course Spotlight

As a student in film production, you’ll get plenty of practice on short film and video projects, but you won’t always be calling the shots as director. For one project, you might work with the sound equipment. For another, you could serve as production manager, coordinating equipment, actors, space, and the schedule. If you take on the role of editor, you’ll join takes together into the final film. All this experience will really pay off when you leave campus to work on a professional film set.