Major: Interior Architecture

What colleges offer a Major in Interior Architecture?

This field involves the technical aspect of ensuring the structural integrity of buildings. Interior architects strive to guarantee that spaces are safe, functional, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing. 

As an interior architecture major, you’ll learn about the science and technology in creating structurally sound buildings that withstand nature's elements. Interior architects are also involved in building development: planning projects, estimating costs, tracking timelines, testing and researching the materials used, maintaining sustainability, and adhering to building regulations and codes. 

You may wear a hard hat while visiting a building site as an interior architect. But you’ll wear many hats as you develop buildings and spaces to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of occupants and passersby.

What does an Interior Architecture major study? 

  • History of Interior Architecture
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Built Environment
  • Interior Materials
  • Visual Communications
  • Interior Architecture Design
  • Design Programming
  • Color Theory and Technology

What can I do with an Interior Architecture degree?

Here are some examples of career opportunities in this field:

Specializations for an Interior Architecture major:

  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental Design

What are the requirements for an Interior Architecture degree? 

Your academic institution will provide guidance for the requirements needed to obtain your degree. For additional help, seek the assistance of your departmental advisor, who has considerable experience and can assist you with course selections. Your four-year degree is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary major requiring internship experience and a final portfolio for graduation.