Major: Theater Arts

What colleges offer a Major in Theater Arts?

While New York City’s beloved theater strip lies on Broadway, the earlier theater location was further south. In the 1750s, many were venturing out to Nassau Street in Downtown Manhattan to watch theatrical performances.

How does theater arts differ from other art forms such as film and television? Theater arts includes fundamental aspects of film, television, and other art forms, but it embodies the art of spontaneity. You can watch your favorite episode of a television show or film scene and memorize all the lines to your heart’s desire, but the same can’t always be said when it comes to theater. There is a fluidity with each performance because it occurs in real time. No taping. No shouts from a director, “Cut!” The scenes are moving, intentional, and engaging. Why? Because the audience is different with each performance, sometimes there’s a need to vary how lines and the performances are delivered.

Being a Theater Arts major is exciting, collaborative, and rewarding. You’ll learn, among other things, theater history, set design, and costuming. You’ll learn techniques such as method acting and improvisation that will allow you to grow as a performer in this field.

What does a Theater Arts major study?

  • Script Analysis
  • Stagecraft
  • Acting Fundamentals
  • Theater History and Literature I
  • Business of Theater

What can I do with a Theater Arts degree?

A Theater Arts degree will prepare you to work front stage, behind the scenes, or somewhere else entirely. The following examples will give you an idea of how diverse the career opportunities are in this field:

Specializations for a Theater Arts major:

  • Theater Design and Technology
  • Playwriting and Screenwriting
  • Theater Literature
  • Costume Design

What are the requirements for a Theater Arts degree?

Refer to your college or university handbook to identify the requirements for graduation. Meet with your advisor for guidance. Studying theater arts abroad isn’t a requirement. However, it will elevate your skills and provide a breadth of experience to enhance your performative delivery or whatever other role you choose in this field.