Major: Film Studies

What colleges offer a Major in Film Studies?

Thoughts and questions arise while we watch movies: Why do certain characters behave in particular ways? Why were scenes shot at specific angles? Why did the writer decide to end the story with a cliffhanger? Will there be a sequel? Films evoke emotions and spark conversations: good or bad. 

And as a film studies major, you’ll explore similar questions and dive deeper. You’ll examine a film’s historical, sociological, and anthropological links. You’ll study film history, storytelling, aesthetics, and analysis. Analyzing film helps you make compelling arguments to support your movie critique. You’ll also contribute to significant social discussions on the impact of cinema.

What does Film Studies major study? 

  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Film History
  • Women and Film
  • World Cinema
  • Film and Literature
  • Film and Genre

What can I do with a Film Studies degree?

You’ll develop critical thinking, research, writing, and communication skills by studying cinema. Although films will be your focus, you’ll have the chance to take courses on the effect of new media and television in film. Your extensive knowledge and your understanding of how to analyze film will position you well for career opportunities like the following: 

Specializations for a Film Studies major:

  • International Film
  • Film Criticism
  • History of Cinema
  • Filmmaking and Production

What are the requirements for a Film Studies degree? 

Your college or university will outline the requirements for your major. If you choose a minor or area of specialization, meet with your advisor to ensure you’re on the right track when making your course selections. Independent projects, internships, and studying abroad will strengthen your academic experience and career options.