Major: Interior Design

What colleges offer a Major in Interior Design?

Interior designers focus on the aesthetics of spaces. They work with clients to gather information about the vision for the rooms so that the colors, textures, and shapes are pleasing and inviting. In addition to creating visually appealing spaces, interior designers work to integrate functionality, safety, and sustainability into their work.

Whether working with an empty space or redesigning one, your goal is to match its intended purpose in bold, creative, and healthy ways. You’ll imagine what employees will feel like walking into a workspace or what will draw parents and their children to a family room. 

As an interior design major, you’ll take courses that prepare you to interact with clients. You’ll learn how to meet the demands of different perspectives, personalities, and artistic palates. Your goal is to satisfy your clients by designing a visually balanced, harmonious, functional, sustainable, and safe space for all its occupants.

What does an Interior Design major study? 

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Textiles and Soft Materials
  • Design
  • Computer Imaging: Visualization
  • Interior Studio

What can I do with an Interior Design degree?

An Interior Design degree prepares you for many job opportunities. Examples include the following:

Specializations for an Interior Design major:

  • Design Innovation And Strategy
  • Lighting Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Residential Interior Design

What are the requirements for an Interior Design degree? 

In addition to completing an internship and presenting a final portfolio, you must fulfill your credit requirements by completing core and major courses. Meet with your academic advisor to review your course selections. Although not a requirement, studying abroad will elevate your educational experience and provide a unique perspective on interior design in a different country.