Major: Dance

What colleges offer a Major in Dance?

When people hear one of their favorite songs, they inevitably find themselves moving to its rhythm and tempo. Dancing elevates our mood, allows us to connect with others, and releases energy. For some, dancing is a leisurely activity. For dance majors, it’s their passion. 

Dance majors became interested in this art form by watching others dance or taking dance classes. Dance programs will challenge students creatively and physically. Classes will teach dance styles and techniques. Students will learn dancing principles such as timing movements, maintaining space, training for endurance and agility, and preventing injury.  

What does a Dance major study? 

  • Introduction to Dance 
  • Dance History
  • Dance Composition 
  • Kinesiology
  • Theory and Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Applied Anatomy

What can I do with a Dance degree?

You’ll learn about the human body and its movements through the artistic expression of dance. As a dance major you will feel prepared for the following opportunities in performing arts, education, or health care:

Specializations for a Dance major:

  • Dance/Movement Therapy 
  • Dance Educator
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Dance Professor 
  • Personal Trainer 

What are the requirements for a Dance degree? 

Students must complete required courses and rigorous training in dance styles and techniques. Participating in your academic department’s dance performances, completing internships, and studying abroad will showcase skills and sharpen your style and creativity.