Major: Graphic Design

What colleges offer a Major in Graphic Design?

Graphic designers collaborate with their clients to ensure they create designs that convey the brand and message the clients desire. The goal is to inspire, inform, and attract consumers so that they want to buy a service or product. Your work as a graphic designer will involve creating content for such outlets as websites, billboards, posters, and magazines.

What does a Graphic Design major study? 

  • Graphic Design History
  • Electronic Illustration
  • Design and Printing
  • Advanced Media
  • Letterform
  • Design Drawing
  • Typography

What can I do with a Graphic Design degree?

Earning a Graphic Design degree means building skills that allow you to creatively convey a company’s message to its audience in an artistic and tech-savvy way. Your skill set will attract companies that are trying to push their brand through creative, innovative approaches. Here are some examples of career opportunities you may find appealing: 

Specializations for a Graphic Design major:

  • Typography and Calligraphy 
  • Iconography
  • Print Media 
  • User Interface Animation 
  • Mobile Application Design

What are the requirements for a Graphic Design degree? 

Your college or university will determine the credit hours needed to meet the academic requirements for your Graphic Design degree. Pay attention to those requirements if you decide to include a minor or specialization. Meeting with your advisor is also a good idea to ensure you’re on the right track.