Major: Graphic Design

What colleges offer a Major in Graphic Design?

Look at a CD jacket, website, magazine, or poster. Are you drawn in by the images and words you see? Are the colors appealing? Is the look open and inviting, or busy and cluttered?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll confront as a graphic design major. You’ll learn the basics of good design, which include the way type (style of lettering) and images are used to make visual statements. Whether your goal is to work in print or multimedia, you’ll learn to use the cutting-edge computer programs that every graphic designer today needs to know.

Graphic design majors learn the design and computer skills necessary to create the look for books, magazines, promotional materials, websites, and more.

“For most designers, design is a way of life and a way of thinking about things, not just a job.”Meredith Davis, Professor of Graphic Design, North Carolina State University College of Design

Are You Ready To...?

  • Enter student competitions
  • Complete an internship
  • Put together a portfolio
  • Exhibit your work
  • Study in a tight-knit community
  • Work long hours in the studio

It Helps To Be...

A visual person who is creative, organized, and computer savvy. An ability to work well with others is important, too. Graphic design is not a solo act.

College Checklist

  • Is graphic design a major of its own, or is it an emphasis within art or another major?
  • Is the department accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design?
  • How many professors teach graphic design only? How recently have they practiced out in the field?
  • Check out the studios and labs. Are they well equipped and in good condition? Do computers have the latest graphic design software? Are color printers, digital cameras, and other state-of-the art equipment available for your use?
  • Is there a student chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts on campus?

Did You Know?

Although your work will depend on your artistic talent, the client comes first in this field -- even if that means tossing out an idea you think is worthy of Picasso.

Course Spotlight

Studio is at the heart of most graphic design programs. In this class, you’ll gain tons of practical experience by trying your hand at real-world projects such as corporate logos, websites, and publication design. Portfolio and resume preparation, career options, and interview techniques typically round out this demanding course.