Major: Music

What colleges offer a Major in Music?

Music is an integral part of being human. It crosses cultural boundaries. You don’t need to understand a song's words to appreciate its instrumental composition. Music is universal. And while some of us enjoy listening to music at concerts or on the radio, others choose to play a musical instrument.

As a music major, you’ll delve even further into music history, culture, composition, theory, and technology. Besides studying the foundations of music and honing your skills, you’ll be encouraged to strengthen your musicianship and creativeness through improvisation. Through collaboration, solo practice, and working with experienced faculty, you’ll be well on your way toward a remarkable, creative, fulfilling career in music.

What does a Music major study? 

  • Computer and Electronic Music 
  • Music History 
  • Ethnomusicology 
  • Music Technology 
  • Music Theory

What can I do with a Music degree?

Employment opportunities are numerous. You can consider options like these:

Specializations for a Music major:

  • Sound Design for Video Games
  • Writing for Television and New Media
  • Commercial Record Production

What are the requirements for a Music degree? 

Meet with your advisor to review the requirements for graduation. Discuss ways to integrate key courses that will strengthen your skills and incorporate areas of interest such as opera, jazz, hip hop, rock, or musical theatre. You may be required to complete internships and performance projects. If you choose to do a performance piece, review your proposal with an advisor to ensure it will be approved and can be applied toward your degree.