Major: Pre-Medicine

What colleges offer a Major in Pre-Medicine?

A career in medicine is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. It’s the gateway to various careers beyond the allopathic and osteopathic paths. For example, with a Pre-Medicine degree, you can pursue a career in veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or dental medicine.

As a pre-med student, you’ll take many science and math courses. Your studies will be rooted in scientific inquiry. This is because as a medical professional, you must be able to reason quantitatively and think critically.

Solving your patient’s medical problems also requires creative thinking and collaborating with peers. You’ll improve patient care through research advancements, cutting-edge drugs, and technological procedures. While your pre-med studies provide a foundation, you’ll find that you must keep pace with the changes within medicine. Therefore, if you’re a lifelong learner interested in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, a Pre-Medicine major is an excellent choice.

If you complete the required pre-med courses, you can major in any discipline you choose, such as music, foreign language, mathematics, or English. Doing so ensures your well-roundedness beyond just the sciences. Besides that, the skills you develop in other courses will make you an astute practitioner.

What does a Pre-Medicine major study?

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Physiology

What can I do with a Pre-Medicine degree?

You may decide your best option is to go on to medical school. Your pre-med studies have given you a solid foundation. This may not be your choice. With a Pre-Medicine degree, you can consider career opportunities such as the following:

Specializations for a Pre-Medicine major:

What are the requirements for a Pre-Medicine degree?

If you plan to pursue medical school after completing your undergraduate degree, you must pay close attention to the courses required by medical schools. If you’ve pursued a pre-med degree with aspirations other than medical school, meet with your academic advisor to flesh out those ideas and ensure you’re taking the appropriate courses for your career goals.