Major: Public and Social Services

What colleges offer a Major in Public and Social Services?

Public and social services embody a variety of resources, activities, and programs offered to communities by local and state government. 

The public services sector provides healthcare, waste management, and transportation systems services. Social services refer to the resources provided to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups within a community. 

As a Public and Social Services major, your coursework will help you understand how to analyze the needs of communities, design and deliver plans of action, and manage and improve services.

What does a Public and Social Services major study?

  • Public Service and Policy
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Public Speaking
  • Applied Statistics
  • Ethics in Social Services

What can I do with a Public and Social Services degree?

Here are some examples of job opportunities you may consider:

Specializations for a Public and Social Services major:

  • Community Organization and Advocacy
  • International Social Work
  • Policy and Planning
  • Administration and Management

What are the requirements for a Public and Social Services degree?

Consult your academic handbook to ensure you’re on track to completing your degree requirements. Internships and studying abroad provide real-world opportunities to put your studies into practice and gain a fresh perspective. You may also need to complete a senior research or capstone project. Meet with your advisor to discuss ideas that suit your interest and area of concentration.