Major: Animal Sciences

What colleges offer a Major in Animal Sciences?

Animals are an integral part of human survival. Animal scientists study the biology of animals and how to produce and manage animals humanely. Whether it’s about a furry companion or livestock on a farm, scientists in this field are equipped to understand the anatomy and physiology of animals and animal nutrition, reproduction, and pathology. 

What does a student majoring in Animal Sciences study? 

The coursework lies heavily in science and math. However, additional courses focusing on the management and care of animals are necessary for those interested in policy and business. Here are some relevant courses:

  • Anatomy
  • Animal Welfare
  • Domestic Animals
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Pet Food
  • Physiology

What can I do with an Animal Sciences degree?

If you manage to acquire plenty of science and math knowledge about animals and practical lab, research, and animal-handling experience, many career opportunities such as the following will be available:   

Specializations for an Animal Sciences Major:

  • Auditing
  • Financial Animal Sciences
  • Forensic Animal Sciences
  • Managerial Animal Sciences
  • Tax Animal Sciences

What are the requirements for an Animal Sciences degree? 

Although having the desire and capacity to interact with a plethora of animals is a clear requirement, you must be able to complete challenging science and math courses successfully. Also, you should pursue a study abroad program that focuses on animal sciences, complete animal research, and do an internship. Doing so will enhance your chances of finding your dream job after you graduate.