Major: Information Science

What colleges offer a Major in Information Science?

Students of information science learn about computers, but they also study people. Most importantly, they explore the way people and computers come together.

If you major in information science, you’ll examine the many challenges we face when it comes to technology: How can we build websites that are easy to use? How can we use computers to open new worlds to children without endangering them? How can we bridge the “digital divide” between the haves and the have-nots?

Information science majors learn how to create systems for finding and storing data. Students look at the big picture of information exchange and learn how people interact with, use, and sell information.

“We must be experts in both technical and human-related areas of information. My interests in computers, technology, and psychology also help.” Joseph, junior, informatics, University of Washington

Are You Ready To...?

  • Complete an internship working in the IT department of a large company, helping software users on the phone, or testing software for people with disabilities
  • Become a student member of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
  • Read about the latest in computer and information technology (IT)

It Helps To Be...

Curious about human behavior, organized, good with numbers, and a good communicator.

College Checklist

  • Can you major in information science or is it a concentration within another major?
  • Will you be able to take a well-rounded selection of courses in a variety of disciplines, including everything from psychology to programming?
  • Will the department help you arrange internships?
  • Are computer labs equipped with the latest technology?

Did You Know?

The development of new information retrieval methods, as well as the improvement of existing ones, is currently one of the hottest frontiers in the field of information science.

Course Spotlight

Most information science programs include some sort of capstone experience. As a senior, you may find yourself enrolled in a seminar that provides support while you work independently or with a group on a senior project.

Your project could take many forms. You might, for example, create an information system that helps students find internships. Or you might study the way athletes use a website designed especially for them and measure its effectiveness.