Major: Digital Communications and Multimedia

What colleges offer a Major in Digital Communications and Multimedia?

While you’re out for a walk, you listen to your audiobook. During a video conference, you share your screen and pull up a document for attendees to view. At an immersive art gallery, your senses are stimulated by the lights and sounds created by a 3D cinematic production. 

These are a few ways in which digital communications and multimedia professionals create and curate technological products for their company. In this rapidly growing, dynamic field, you’ll need to keep pace with the business and technological aspects of the industry.

What does a Digital Communications and Multimedia major study? 

The courses you’ll take in Digital Communications and Multimedia will strengthen your communication, marketing, and computer and graphic design skills: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Communication Ethics
  • Interactive Media
  • Video Storytelling
  • Photojournalism

What can I do with a Digital Communications and Multimedia degree?

Students learn many forms of media and communication, which opens doors to many career opportunities:   

Specializations for a Digital Communications and Multimedia major: 

  • Mass Media and Social Media
  • Digital Filmmaking and Television
  • Emerging Communication Technologies
  • Interpersonal and Strategic Communication
  • Health and Wellness Communication

What are the requirements for a Digital Communications and Multimedia degree? 

Your academic institution will provide the details for this degree's core and elective courses. Be sure to keep track of the credits and grades you need to successfully fulfill the Digital Communications and Multimedia degree requirements. Completing an internship is an ideal way to help you find employment after graduation. If feasible, studying abroad will diversify your experience and enhance your leadership and innovation.