Major: Social Sciences

The American sociologist C. Wright Mills’s book The Sociological Imagination, published in 1959, is often used as a textbook in introductory sociology. Mills coined the term “sociological imagination” and explained it as the ability to understand how personal concerns intersect with those of wider society. 

Social Sciences deals with how human behavior impacts society. As a social sciences major, you will learn to apply scientific principles to identify social issues and research how and why human behaviors contribute to those problems. Sociologists collect and analyze data about society and human behavior using statistical analysis, interviews, surveys, and observation. As a future sociologist, you’ll learn how to apply research methods to shape public policy and provide solutions that target social issues.

What does a student majoring in Social Sciences study? 

  • Economics of Social Issues
  • American Political System
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Global History
  • Historical Methods

What can I do with a Social Sciences degree?

You can consider a variety of career options, such as the following:

Specializations for a Social Sciences Major:

  • Anthropology
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Media Studies
  • Urbanism

What are the requirements for a Social Sciences degree? 

Your college or university will provide the details regarding your social sciences degree requirements. In this major, you’ll be exploring the impact of human behavior on society. Studying abroad would provide more significant insights into social issues outside of the scope of the United States. Exploring the social issues in another country, as well as an internship, will open up opportunities and broaden your perspective.